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Los Tajibos, Bolivia (Medical, Dental)

May 8-15, 2021
Los Tajibos, BO

Ayacucho, Peru (Medical, PT, Dental)

Apr 24 - May 1, 2021
Ayacucho, PE

San Carlos, Bolivia (Surgery, Medical, Dental)

Apr 10-24, 2021
San Carlos, BO

La Guardia, Bolivia (Dental, Medical)

Mar 20-27, 2021
La Guardia, BO

Amazon and Yavarí Rivers (Medical, Dental)

Mar 13-20, 2021
Amazon and Yavarí Rivers, CO

Darkuman Kokompe, Accra, Ghana (Eye Surgery, Optical)

Mar 13-27, 2021
Darkuman Kokompe, Accra, GH

Alfonso Lista & Novaliches, Philippines (Surgery, Medical, Dental)

Feb 20 - Mar 6, 2021
Alfonso Lista & Novaliches, PH

Santa Cruz Area, Bolivia (Eye Surgery, Optical)

Feb 20 - Mar 6, 2021
Santa Cruz Area, BO