Quevedo, Los Rios, Ecuador (Medical, OB-GYN Surgery)

Apr 17 2021 - Apr 24 2021
Quevedo, Los Rios, EC
MMI has been active in the Coastal and Mountainous Regions of Ecuador for quite some time. A Health Center in Milagros was opened in 2001 and continues to provide surgery and vision care services as well as other medical services.

The “Healthy Woman” Project is part of the “Preservation of Life” Program and is intended to provide health care for women in underserved areas in developing countries. This vision started in Bolivia and was implemented in Ecuador in 2017. This project, in coordination with the Municipality of Quevedo and the General Hospital of the city, is intended to provide OB-GYN care along with General Surgery, with great emphasis in preventive care. “Healthy Women” works primarily in rural and sub-urban areas where access is very limited. Integrated Health and Counselling will be key to this project in order to empower the women we encounter. Primary Care services include consultations, lab procedures, filling prescriptions, parasite treatments, sonograms, audiology screening, ear cleanings, and wellness checks. This project will also provide a training opportunity for those who are serving in the medical field. Our Doctors and Nurses will be lecturing on different topics related to the identified needs of the communities (often STDs/HIV/AIDS/HPV and Breast Cancer). Another goal is to train local partners and continue building capacity within their health care system. The team will be staffed with North American volunteers, MMI Ecuador, and involve local staff.

Participants are expected to fundraise on behalf of Medical Ministry International to help raise the funds necessary to cover the budgeted costs of the Project Teams. These fundraising goal minimums include accommodations, meals, travel insurance, and malpractice insurance. Air fare is not included.

We have implemented rigorous biosafety, patient management, and project team safety protocols in response to COVID-19. Agreement to follow protocols will be required as part of the online application process. Project planning is ongoing for all 2021 programs. Project status will be confirmed 90 days prior to departure based on current information as Medical Ministry International monitors the global impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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