Upcoming Opportunities

Sabana Grande de Boyá, Dominican Republic (dental & medical)

Jul 11-25, 2020
Sabana Grande de Boyá, DO

Norte Integrado/Mineros, Bolivia (surgery, medical, dental)

Jul 11-25, 2020
Norte Integrado/Mineros, BO

Arequipa, Peru (Vision & PT Program)

Jul 18 - Aug 1, 2020
Arequipa, PE

Florida & San José, Copán, Honduras (medical & dental)

Jul 18 - Aug 1, 2020
Florida & San José, HN

Our Impact

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About Us

Medical Ministry International facilitates the work of volunteers from around the world to serve on 1 and 2-week Project Teams in strategic communities alongside willing partners. We support and assist Health Centers to increase access to affordable, quality, ongoing health care. Medical Ministry International supports Residency Training Programs to expand the skills of international doctors with the goal of improving accessibility in their home countries.

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Past Opportunities

Baños-Tungurahua, Ecuador (medical & dental)

Jul 4-18, 2020
Baños-Tungurahua, EC

Amazon & Yavari Rivers (dental & medical)

Jul 1-11, 2020
Amazon & Yavari Rivers, CO

Yapacani, Bolivia (surgery, medical, dental)

Jun 27 - Jul 4, 2020
Yapacani, BO